Tory vote COLLAPSES!!!

Since the Tories were making such a big deal about the by-elections last week, here are a couple of results that happened within hours of David Cameron’s conference speech:

Leicestershire CC, Shepshed
Lab 1217 (30.2; -12.7), Con 1074 (26.6; -10.2), LD John Popley 933 (23.1;
+2.8), BNP 807 (20.0; +20.0).
Majority 143. Turnout 37.3%. Lab hold. Last fought 2005.

Windsor and Maidenhead UA, Datchet
Con 799 (63.8; -8.6), LD Tim O’Flynn 352 (28.1; +12.0), Ind 102 (8.1; +8.1),
[Lab (0.0; -11.5)].
Majority 447. Turnout 35.8%. Con hold. Last fought 2007.

I’ve singled out the Tories here, but it isn’t such good news for Labour either. The only party to have raised their share of the vote in both seats are the Lib Dems. Congratulations in particular should go to Lib Dem Cllr Andrew Nisbet in Helensburgh and Lomond South, Argyll and Bute who gained a seat from an independent.

Make of that what you will.

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  1. Except the only real problem for the Tories was an apparent shift of votes to the BNP. Their total, and the size of their increase, should be the truly scary thing. It is (albeit losing) votes of just this sort of magnitude which heralded the revival of the FN in France…

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