E X C L U S I V E: Unaccustomed as I am to making public speeches…

Shortlisted for Best Designed Lib Dem Blog 20072007 winner Best Posting on a Lib Dem Blog2007 winner Lib Dem Blog of the YearIt turns out that the Guardian didn’t jinx it for me after all. What’s more, I appear to have a web exclusive here (which is rather sad as I should be out celebrating come to think of it). So, just to let people know, I won the Best Blog Post and Best Blog at the Lib Dem Blog Awards this evening.

Ros Taylor, better known as the Guardian Backbencher and Comment is Free Honcho presented me with both awards. The other winners were: Hug a Hoodie (Best New Blog), Mary Reid (Best Blog by an Elected Representative AND Best Designed Blog) and Liberal Mafia (Best Humourous Blog). The latter failed to collect his award but sent a rather fetching horse’s head. In addition, Matt Davies got a special commendation for Best Blog by an Elected Representative while Hug a Hoodie got a special commendation for Best Blog Post.

So, thanks a lot to the judges (Will Howells, Lynne Featherstone, Stephen Tall and Ryan Cullen) and thanks a lot to every one who nominated me. Commiserations too to everyone who was nominated but didn’t win on this occasion (I hope they’ll forgive me if rather than listing them all I just link to the list of nominations).

I’d like to say I’m above such petty baubles, but in reality I’m deeply shallow.


  1. Not wanting to quibble, but how can a blog with just 2 categories: “blog” and “local information” be considered well-designed?


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