Daily Archives: 21 September 2007

Squaxxweek on the BBC (UPDATED)

This week is Squaxxweek on the BBC.

Tomorrow, Phil Jupitus will be exploring 2000AD‘s origins and history on Radio 4. Then on Monday, Armando Iannucci does the same thing on BBC 4, albeit with a bit of Viz thrown in.

It’s got to be more interesting than boring Labour conference, no?

UPDATE: Just listened to the Phil Jupitus programme. Good nostalgic fun. In particular it was good to hear Pat Mills and Kev O’Neill. If you missed it, it should be on Radio Four’s Listen Again soon.

My intimate chat with Matthew Parris about fisking

Matthew Parris interviewed me on his Times podcast at Lib Dem conference. On the one hand I struggle a bit when explaining the term fisking; on the other hand they spared my blushes by not including the bit I totally fluffed talking about Ming. Not sure I should have said that the conference felt like a funeral at the start either.

Oh God, I’m starting to worry about my media. How establishment! 🙁

Craig Murray and Tim Ireland: in solidarity

At the risk of not having anything particularly new or interesting to say, I thought I’d better add my voice to the growing throng condemning Alisher Usmanov’s successful bid to shut down Craig Murray and Tim Ireland. It illustrates the vulnerability the blogosphere has to punitive libel laws such as the ones we have in this country; similar action against a newspaper would be much more difficult (although legal action against a newspaper’s distributor has been attempted in the past). Many of us are hosted by small companies who are incredibly vulnerable to the merest threat of legal action. Does such a thing exist? I can only find a single reference to one Out There – and that is to a call for a US version.

UPDATE: The BBC have reported Usmanov buying a blocking stake in Arsenal, but have not covered this angle. Curious, no?