Guardian labels Quaequam Blog “a Lib Dem gimmick”

Screen shot from Guardian Guide to the Conference seasonAccording to Patrick Wintour in his Guardian Guide to the Conference Season, this blog is the top tip for winning tomorrow’s Lib Dem Blogger of the Year Awards. Aw, shucks.

What’s more, this apparently makes me the Lib Dem equivalent of Arnold Schwartzenegger. Meet me on muscle beach, I have clearly some catching up to do.

Sadly, he then goes and spoils everything by suggesting that Land Value Taxation defeating local income tax is one of the things that “might go wrong” in conference this week. As any fule kno this is one of the things that could go right, so I won’t be making any space on my mantelpiece* just get.

*Not that I’m expecting it to be an actual, physical award. Or that I actually have a mantelpiece.


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