Cameron and Merkin: let’s co-operate in splitting up

After a week during which the Lib Dems wobbled over EU policy, it is nice to have a reminder quite how scarily paranoid the Tory hive mind is regarding the Dark Continent.

Pravdale’s mini-me writes this about Cameron’s meeting with Angela Merkin:

What has this meeting really achieved for the Conservative Party? It could be argued that it sends a signal to the electorate that Cameron is taken seriously as a potential world leader. But then the counter argument would be that Cameron has to first convince people he’d be a good national leader before he can move onto the world stage (the polls suggest people are not so sure about that).

Whatever this trip to Germany achieves one thing though is certain, from a PR point of view it can’t be any worse than the trip to Rwanda during the flooding, and the holiday in France during foot-and-mouth.

Good grief. He has a short meeting with a world leader and fellow rightwinger and it’s being compared to vanishing in the middle of the foot-and-mouth crisis. In any normal, more well adjusted party, I doubt anyone would sit there muttering about the down side of a meeting like this.

But then, lest us forget, this is the same party which is about to abandon Merkin’s Christian Democrats in favour of a bunch of extremist xenophobes from Eastern Europe. It is rather bizarre to say you would like to work more closely together in future while simultaneously negotiating terms for a divorce.

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