Labour Rentamob hits Ealing

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A video from the Labour Thug POV:

What genuinely confuses me is why Labour persist in thinking that these tactics of bullying and intimidation are good campaign techniques. Does anyone watch that video and think “Ha ha! They got Gideon Osbourne good and proper there!”?

4 thoughts on “Labour Rentamob hits Ealing

  1. Who made that video? Tories, Labour or a Lib Dem? Certainly, neither the Tories nor Labour come out of it with any great credit.

  2. A truly pathetic effort by Labour.. We need more LibDem vids featuring Nigel as his profile should be raised. Does anyone know of any?

  3. Hmmm… I’m not convinced it would be a good use of activist time to be honest. Video and online campaigning generally is good for getting out the troops, but doesn’t really help the local campaign itself.

    I think the main way we will raise Nigel’s profile is to get as much paper out over the next few days, not making a video.

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