New Conservatives, Same Old Tories

It would emerge that the aforementioned Cllr Brian Gordon has got into trouble before for comparing immigrants to garbage.

Meanwhile, Davey Cameron himself is in hot water for breaching Parliamentary Standards. Presumably heads will roll in his office? Don’t hold your breath.

That non-partisan Guido Fawkes, who fearlessly attacks all political sleaze and flummery, has more on the Cameron story. Oh no, hang on, he doesn’t.

UPDATE: Guido has now grudgingly acknowledged Cameron’s misconduct, but only in the contest of having another (yawn!) go at Lord Levy. To be fair though, he’s been busy finding out scoops like ex-Progress Director Robert Philpot becoming Peter Hain’s SpAd, a mere four months after the event. The New Media is so damned cutting edge, isn’t it?

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  1. The sad thing is all three are depressingly inevitable I´m afraid, Racist mad Tory councillors ( but without them who will write the letters to the Telegraph in twenty years years time), Tory Sleeze (they are warning us before they form the next UK government about what to expect), and Guido supporting the Tories ( who I had a bit of respect for until he thought about naming a warship after Thatcher).

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