Guido takes on the establishment

Guido Fawkes has been given a spot on Newsnight. He asks some perfectly legitimate questions, and gets some perfectly legitimate answers, but both sides appear to be missing the point. Ultimately, it is healthy in a democracy to have people like Guido sticking their fingers in the air at the establishment. They often go off… Continue reading Guido takes on the establishment

Funny racism

Come off it guys, this is just a joke! Where’s your sense of humour? It’s political correctness gone mad! To make amends, perhaps Cllr Gordon ought to send Nelson Mandela the gift of poo. You know, for a larf. Hat tip: Recess Monkey.

Do bears poop in Berlin?

The answer would appear to be, not always. Apologies for another poo related story, but it appears that Berlin Zoo’s Panda has died of heart failure caused by acute constipation. But there is speculation of a cute other cause (geddit? GEDDIT?!). I warned you.