The Blaney game

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. Apparently the 21st century political equivalent of having a punch up beside the bike shed after school is to have a live debate on 18 Doughty Street. Having had one with Mr Blaney not that long ago – and lived to tell the tale –… Continue reading The Blaney game

New Conservatives, Same Old Tories

It would emerge that the aforementioned Cllr Brian Gordon has got into trouble before for comparing immigrants to garbage. Meanwhile, Davey Cameron himself is in hot water for breaching Parliamentary Standards. Presumably heads will roll in his office? Don’t hold your breath. That non-partisan Guido Fawkes, who fearlessly attacks all political sleaze and flummery, has… Continue reading New Conservatives, Same Old Tories

Funny racism

Come off it guys, this is just a joke! Where’s your sense of humour? It’s political correctness gone mad! To make amends, perhaps Cllr Gordon ought to send Nelson Mandela the gift of poo. You know, for a larf. Hat tip: Recess Monkey.