Father Ted: “I didn’t swallow.”*

I’ve never understood why it is that public figures who are caught with their proverbial – and sometimes literal – trousers down, are always so keen to qualify their offence as much as possible, as if it makes it any better.

So it was that we had Clinton admitting he smoked cannabis but didn’t inhale. More bizarrely, Mark Oaten earlier this year got most exercised when the Independent reported that his sexcapades with a male prostitute involved a glass table. His denial somehow made the whole sorry incident sound even more sordid.

Now we find US Evangelist and personal buddy of George Bush “Pastor” Ted Haggard admit to buying drugs and getting a massage off a gay masseuse, but deny taking the drugs or having sex with the man. Far from making it okay, you’ve got to wonder why he wasted his money.

* The title above refers to the drugs, not the gay sex. Of course.

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  1. Wonder why they do it.Remember the famous` I did not have sexual contact with that woman`quote by Clinton? As it turned out part of Clinton`s anatomy was engaged by parts of Monica Lewinsky`s. Kind of engagement mortals like us would consider er er sexual but to his mind since it was not the full monty then he was not guilty.Or was he?

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