I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

I’ve added the main fringe meetings I plan to be going to onto flock together and added my personal feed from that website onto my sidebar. If you’re a Lib Dem blogger, why not do the same? Personally, aside from the day job I’ll be busy promoting my chapter on intergenerational equity in Graham Watson/Liberator’s… Continue reading I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

The Blair/Brown circle jerk

The problem with the extreme-slow-motion-car-crash that is the Blair/Brown rift is that, apart from being appallingly tiresome, it tends to highlight to me why I don’t think Gordon Brown will make a particularly good Prime Minister. For certainly the last 6 years, he has been plotting away to undermine the PM every way he can… Continue reading The Blair/Brown circle jerk

Blogging Lite

Barely blogging at all at the moment – drowning in work, which also explains why I failed to publicise this evening’s Liberal Drinks. Anyway, just to say I should be turning the corner soon and to regret that I simply don’t have time to rip the piss out of this. Ah, happy memories! In the… Continue reading Blogging Lite