I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

I’ve added the main fringe meetings I plan to be going to onto flock together and added my personal feed from that website onto my sidebar. If you’re a Lib Dem blogger, why not do the same? Personally, aside from the day job I’ll be busy promoting my chapter on intergenerational equity in Graham Watson/Liberator’s… Continue reading I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

Radio Star

Hear me now! The Big Issue Radio Show has posted some excerpts from the edition I did a couple of months ago (I’m on all the links dated 24 May). Listen to me going on about the BNP and, in particular, Hands Off Our Future. Alas, my remarks about Mark Oaten are lost to posterity.

Loony Rooney

No, not the ugly mug who arguably just got us kicked out of the World Cup, but Josephine Rooney, the latest pensioner who has been getting all excited over the thought of being under the jackboot of Joan “the freak” Ferguson (only to be frustrated when a do gooder went and paid her council tax… Continue reading Loony Rooney