Big Brother 7: An Opportunity Missed

I had high expectations for this series of Big Brother. After what they did with Celebrity BB earlier this year, I was confident that Paris Hilton was going to be one of the housemates and would have to pretend to be an ordinary person and not a celebrity at all. Then, in a feat of life-imitating-art, she would become an ordinary person and lose her dreadful reality TV series and not appear in lots of celebrity gossip magazines.

Sadly however, it would appear that this is not the case. Unless of course she turns out to be a secret Kit Kat addict (which given the fact that the average Kit Kat has more girth than La Hilton herself, is highly unlikely).


  1. Kudos to you for being willing to admit, this early on, that you’re going to follow it. Every year I’m in denial until about six weeks in, and then my life revolves around BB. I keep hoping there’ll be a more hilarious year than when Jade, Alex, and Kate were fugging things up, but no.

  2. Hold on – I’m admitting nothing! I only watched it at all last night because I was forced into it.

    To be fair, I have watched most series. But I found the second series dull and barely watched it, gave up on BB5 and didn’t watch even 5 minutes of BB6. And I’ve never watched Celebrity Big Brother, apart from from afar. I like my egomaniacs young and fresh and blissfully ignorant of their own meaninglessness, not faded and dead inside.

    It remains to be seen if BB7 holds my attention. It clashes with the West Wing tonight though.

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