A Hole to Keep your Lead Aubergine In

Jock and Vivienne have already got the IPPR’s compulsory voting pamphlet covered, so there is little for me to add. All I will say is that before Geoff Hoon decides to force this measure through, he ought to consider the obstinacy of the British. I live in a Labour-Tory marginal; I vote Lib Dem simply… Continue reading A Hole to Keep your Lead Aubergine In

Racism and anti-Zionism

My piece a few days ago about an article by David Hirsh criticising Chris Davies provoked a reaction from David Hirsh himself, complaining of its intemperate tone. He’s right, and I apologise. As Iain Sharpe suggests, it isn’t as if I was trying to exonerate Chris Davies’ comments, and I should not have allowed the… Continue reading Racism and anti-Zionism