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Judge DreddTo coincide with the imminent release of Dredd 3D, I’m writing a series of blog posts about what I love about the Judge Dredd comic series. The A-Z of Judge Dredd is not intended to be an exhaustive encyclopaedia, but rather a personal reflection on the main themes of the strip.

It is an ongoing work, but so far I’ve published:

My general introduction to Judge Dredd

A is for Anderson
…and the Angel Gang, and America.

B is for “Bad” Bob Booth and Beeny
…and Banzai Battalion, Batman and Oola Blint.

C is for Chopper
…and Cal and Call-Me-Kenneth

D is for Death, Dark Judges and Democracy
…and Dave and DeMarco

E is for Edgar
…and Ezquerra

F is for Fargo (and Fargo clones)
…and Fergee and Francisco

G is for Giant
…and Alan Grant

H is for Hershey
…and Helter Skelter

I is for Incubus
…and Insurrection

J is for Judda
…and Janus and Joyce

K is for ???

L is for Lawgiver, Lawmaster
…and Logan and Lopez

M is for Maybe, PJ
…and Maria, Mean Machine, Mechanismo, Pat Mills and Mick McMahon

N is for ???

O is for ???

P is for The Pit

Q is for A Question of Judgement

R is for Robot Wars

S is for ???

T is for ???

U is for Urban, Karl

V is for ???

W is for Wally Squad

Note: I’m skipping the letters I have less interesting things to say about until the end to ensure I don’t get demotivated. I’ll get back to the rest later.

I intend to finish the series by the time the film is released in the US (7 21 September). Wish me luck!

I blatantly failed to complete my A-Z in time for the release of Dredd 3D but I’ll hopefully complete it soon.

Useful resources:

  • Judge Dredd: The Mega-History (Colin M. Jarman and Peter Acton, Lennard Publishing, 1995, ISBN 1-85291-128-X). An excellent account of the early and often painful development of the Judge Dredd strip.
  • Thrill Power Overload: Thirty Years of 2000AD (David Bishop, Rebellion Development, 2007, ISBN 1-905437-22-6). The ultimate account of 2000AD’s history.
  • The Judge Dredd entries on Wikipedia, unsurprisingly.
  • BARNEY, originally the central part of the official 2000AD website, BARNEY is an indispensable resource of every 2000AD prog, Judge Dredd Megazine, reprint and spin-off.

4 thoughts on “Dredd Stuff

  1. It’s okay. I know what to put there, Tony – have it all on a spreadsheet somewhere – I just never got round to it! At some point I will. 🙂

  2. M is also for Mega-city? One of the most inspiring aspects for me from the little I knew of the series was the massive scale of the city. (Disclaimer, I never read the comics, so am happy to be ignored as an ignoramus)

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