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Judge DreddTo coincide with the imminent release of Dredd 3D, I’m writing a series of blog posts about what I love about the Judge Dredd comic series. The A-Z of Judge Dredd is not intended to be an exhaustive encyclopaedia, but rather a personal reflection on the main themes of the strip.

It is an ongoing work, but so far I’ve published:

My general introduction to Judge Dredd

A is for Anderson
…and the Angel Gang, and America.

B is for “Bad” Bob Booth and Beeny
…and Banzai Battalion, Batman and Oola Blint.

C is for Chopper
…and Cal and Call-Me-Kenneth

D is for Death, Dark Judges and Democracy
…and Dave and DeMarco

E is for Edgar
…and Ezquerra

F is for Fargo (and Fargo clones)
…and Fergee and Francisco

G is for Giant
…and Alan Grant

H is for Hershey
…and Helter Skelter

I is for Incubus
…and Insurrection

J is for Judda
…and Janus and Joyce

K is for ???

L is for Lawgiver, Lawmaster
…and Logan and Lopez

M is for Maybe, PJ
…and Maria, Mean Machine, Mechanismo, Pat Mills and Mick McMahon

N is for ???

O is for ???

P is for The Pit

Q is for A Question of Judgement

R is for Robot Wars

S is for ???

T is for ???

U is for Urban, Karl

V is for ???

W is for Wally Squad

Note: I’m skipping the letters I have less interesting things to say about until the end to ensure I don’t get demotivated. I’ll get back to the rest later.

I intend to finish the series by the time the film is released in the US (7 21 September). Wish me luck!

I blatantly failed to complete my A-Z in time for the release of Dredd 3D but I’ll hopefully complete it soon.

Useful resources:

  • Judge Dredd: The Mega-History (Colin M. Jarman and Peter Acton, Lennard Publishing, 1995, ISBN 1-85291-128-X). An excellent account of the early and often painful development of the Judge Dredd strip.
  • Thrill Power Overload: Thirty Years of 2000AD (David Bishop, Rebellion Development, 2007, ISBN 1-905437-22-6). The ultimate account of 2000AD’s history.
  • The Judge Dredd entries on Wikipedia, unsurprisingly.
  • BARNEY, originally the central part of the official 2000AD website, BARNEY is an indispensable resource of every 2000AD prog, Judge Dredd Megazine, reprint and spin-off.


  1. It’s okay. I know what to put there, Tony – have it all on a spreadsheet somewhere – I just never got round to it! At some point I will. 🙂

  2. M is also for Mega-city? One of the most inspiring aspects for me from the little I knew of the series was the massive scale of the city. (Disclaimer, I never read the comics, so am happy to be ignored as an ignoramus)

  3. Hi Big Jim. Mike Dwyer here. Like your blog matey. Always remember you being involved in Lib Dem world. Added you on LinkedIn. I’m an ex Telegraph working neo anarchist. And I love Dredd. Please get in touch. Big love. Mike x

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