Nasty party after all…

I know I seem to be earning a reputation as a bit of a Clegg basher at the moment, but I am a bear of very little significance. Compare this with David Cameron’s latest jibe:

Asked for his favourite political joke: “[Lib Dem leader] Nick Clegg, at the moment.”

Classy. This is a quote from a book which, on the basis of the selected quotes the Beeb as listed and the write up on Amazon, seems to be drenched in hubris – something you would expect considering the author is a lifestyle journalist and editor of a glorified lads mag. I’m surprised he didn’t call it, without irony, “My Struggle.”

To be fair, at around this time in the run up to the 1997 General Election, similar books about Tony Blair began to dribble out and it didn’t do him any harm. But the effect of books such as The Blair Revolution was to make Blair look statesmanlike. I’m not sure that publishing a hagiography filled with invective and written by a regular on I <3 The 1980s will have the same effect.


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