Why Tories are so poor at the art of seduction

What a pathetic little nothing Gideon Osbourne is. After moaning about how Gordon Brown ignores him (Gordo’s only human I guess), he went on to suggest the man was autistic.

Now the little squit, having been outed for shamelessly going around trying to get MPs to defect, is suggesting that the people he has been button holing ought to respect his confidence:

It was a private conversation between the two of us and only one person went and told the press about it, I guess, because it wasn’t me, so you’d better go and get David Laws on your programme and he will tell you.

Utterly defensive, utterly pathetic.

Meanwhile, I hear reports that Cameron has started writing to PPCs again, claiming what a liberal Conservative he is. The problem he has is that when it comes to liberal issues, he can’t get his own party to follow him into the division lobby.

For example, a majority of Tories voted against their own manifesto commitment on Lords reform. An overwhelming majority of his own MPs defied him over the sexual orientation discrimination regulations. Oh, and let’s not forget the ignoble end of the A-list. To be blunt, when the Conservative Parliamentary Party doesn’t agree with Cameron, it simply ignores him.

This issue can only grow and grow as tensions begin to increase over the party’s drawn out policy development process. They’re still the unruly stubborn mules who dragged John Major into the dirt. For all Cameron’s sweetness and light, they can’t be lead. Anyone with true liberal instincts who is superficially attracted to the idea of defecting to them has seen this, which is why Gideon and Dave’s attempts at courting them has amounted to seducing just a handful of no-marks.

If Gordon Brown can time the election just right, for all his failings, he will look like a paragon of credibility next to his Tory rival. When it comes right down for it, however tired they are of Labour, however poor the choice, I suspect the public will back Joe Stalin against another John Major trying to manage a pack of rabid dogs any day. As soon as they realise that is the choice they are being asked to make, Cameron’s days are numbered.

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