Brian Souter’s party abstained on sexual orientation discrimination regs

Interesting to see that, of the 6 SNP MPs, 1 voted for the sexual orientation discrimination regulations, 1 voted against, and 4 sat on their hands.

This, just days after receiving half a million pounds from Scotland’s homophobe-in-chief, Brian Souter.

Did they abstain to avoid provoking their new cash cow? What implications does this have for the Scottish Parliament? The Scottish public have a right to know.

Interesting to note that the MP who voted against them was Angus MacNeil. Angus has been lionised in the media over the last few months because of his involvement in the cash-for-peerages allegations. To read the Guardian over the last year, you would think he was a candidate for sainthood. Perhaps those journalists might want to revise their opinions of the man.


  1. How very strange that all those people posting comments to defend the SNP the last time Quaequam criticized the party have nothing to say now… Where are you all?

  2. Bloody disgrace! This pretty obviously something the SNP sold out on. Thanks for publishing this. It is the height of bad taste that they even took money from this man who through is religious beliefs allegedly holds the controversial opinion that homosexuality can be cured!

  3. The lot of you are cracked…you clearly don’t know the man…you haven’t even done the most basic research…Probably a quarter of his senior managers are, pretty clearly, as bent as nine bob notes, and you fall for the “homophobic” crap inspired by the Section 28 crap… did anyone take the trouble to hear what the man really said? No…

    Here’s a man who hasn’t let his (on the whole, very privately kept) religious beliefs stand in the way of his business ethos…he was concerned mostly with sex education being taught in primary schools…well guess what…so are most of us…

    I first met the man 18 years ago…and he’s one of life’s good guys…what the fuck is the matter with you arseholes who don’t know him?

  4. So he isn’t homophobic, he just supported Section 28? This is one of those acid tests I’m afraid.

    Tell me Cogidubnus, in the eight years since Section 28 has been repealed, in what way have Souter’s dire predictions of what might happen come true? Are primary school children being bombarded with gay propaganda?

    I also feel I should point out to you that “as bent as nine bob notes” is a reference to people being corrupt, not gay. And I’m sure that his religious beliefs never got in the way of his business ethos – that would explain why he is such a famed union buster. I’m sure no religion would encourage such ruthlessness.

    You may be right and he just needs better PR. My advice to you: don’t volunteer for the job.

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