Daily Archives: 2 February 2006

Another good reason why the Religious Hatred Laws are a really bad idea

The problem with “hatred laws” is that if you start handing out prosecutions like sweets, there is a genuine possibility that you might end up giving the Bad Guys a propaganda coup. Case in point.

I had a horrible feeling this case was going to go badly months ago. Prosecuting someone for saying that a Muslim from somewhere in Northern England might end up setting off bombs in the UK, at a time when Muslims from Northern England have done precisely that, is not a very good idea. Proving the difference between incitement and fair comment is a legal minefield; such laws only really work as a deterrant, not as a tool for prosecuting bigots. And all too often they deter the wrong people.

Ultimately, the only solution to bigotry is to face it head-on, not try hiding behind laws which have unintended consequences.

Of course, it is good to see that the BNP are just a litigious and subsequently come a cropper too. It’s time to put an end to this socialist conformist attack on freedom of speech.

Panic or black propaganda?

Surely this is a deliberate attempt to undermine Ming’s campaign? The backstabbers of Charles Kennedy going around calling people traitors? Secret handshakes?

My guess is the source of this piece is very much a non-Oranger Booker (most people accept that, insults aside, there is no such thing), probably a Simon Hughes supporter who has calculated that Campbell is more vulnerable to Huhne than their guy. It can’t be the Campbell campaign mouthing off; they’ve had a lot of false starts so far, but they simply aren’t that stupid.

Good fun to be had by all.

UPDATE: More information in this interview.