One pig flu over the cuckoo’s nest

We are officially now in the grip of a new panic. Quite how justified all this screaming and shouting about swine influenza is remains to be seen, but there is certainly a lot of secondary nonsense starting to form. My favourite thus far is the Israel government’s insistence that it should be renamed “Mexican flu”… Continue reading One pig flu over the cuckoo’s nest

A lesson for us all, I feel

With the Atheist Bus Campaign now at £38,000 and climbing, Peter Black asks: Wouldn’t all this money committed on both sides of the argument have been better spent on actually helping people have a good Christmas, the homeless for example? Allow me to quote Matthew 26:6-13 (lolcats version): 6 So Jebuz was outside in Bethany,… Continue reading A lesson for us all, I feel

Power, Cable?

While I think making Vince Cable Chancellor of the Exchequor would be an intriguing move, it behoves on James Graham BA(Hons) – Theology and Religious Studies – to point out that “biblical prophets” rarely end up in control of things. Moses died before the Israelites reached Jerusalem. John the Baptist ended up on a platter.… Continue reading Power, Cable?