The week in Georgism

I still haven’t got my post-election blogging groove back. In the meantime, here are this week’s news referencing Henry George out there in the internets. First, “The Silent Consensus” has a piece on the Daily Kos. He begins by quoting Thomas Paine: “Men did not make the earth. It is the value of the improvements… Continue reading The week in Georgism

Right to buy

Someone brought to my attention that there was a TV programme this week (apparently a repeat) about the 80s property boom: Cue Christine Hamilton [wife of Neil] for whom, according to the commentary, “principles were never an issue”. She bought her flat for £4,500 and had a buyer lined up the following week for £45,000.… Continue reading Right to buy

Losing the plot

For once, I find myself agreeing with John Prescott. For once, I find myself understanding John Prescott: A lot of ruddy builders shout about planning, but find it more profitable to hold on to land in tremendous land banks. They are on to a damn good thing. They blame planning, but I wish they would… Continue reading Losing the plot