#Leveson and the #gagginglaw: a tale of two processes

I’ve been watching the live feed of the House of Commons for the past hour, waiting for the report stage of the “transparency” bill to start. As such, I’ve watched Maria Miller’s statement on the regulation of the press and her time and again defend the long drawn out Leveson process on the basis that… Continue reading #Leveson and the #gagginglaw: a tale of two processes

What’s left of what I believe

The main reason I’ve allowed this blog to fall into misuse over the past couple of years is that I stopped writing about politics. While my original concept behind this blog was always to write in the intersection between politics and geekery, at some point – specifically in May 2010 – I decided I could… Continue reading What’s left of what I believe

Getting it backwards

A glaring bit of nonsense in an otherwise sensible article by Simon Jenkins today: One of many reasons for not subsidising national parties is that it will further encourage them to ignore the public and live in the lap of the national press. I note that he says ‘national parties’ specifically and not ‘political parties’… Continue reading Getting it backwards