EXCLUSIVE: Splitting and spinning

The ongoing farces within the Labour and Tory camps about their respective Ealing Southall candidate selections are quite eye-watering. First we hear allegations (still undenied, as far as I’ve been able to see) that Tony Lit only approached the Tories to be their candidate after the Lib Dems rejected him. Shortly after that, a disgruntled… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: Splitting and spinning

From the party that brought you “Mark Hunter is a rapist”

We are to believe, of course, that there is no smoke without fire. So, with that in mind, it is entirely possible that Grant Shapps has dredged up some disgruntled lunatic who will testify that the Lib Dems run secret poster lotteries. Of course, for it to be actually true, you’d have to be able… Continue reading From the party that brought you “Mark Hunter is a rapist”

Get outta town!

If I were the Lib Dem Sedgefield campaign manager, I’d be using the phrase “cut and run” as often as possible. I’d also use this photo. A lot. Under the caption “the new face of Labour”. I’m sure it will go down especially well on the housing estates.