Henley and Paddy’s memoirs

The Tories seem to be having problems deciding on who should replace Boris Johnson as their candidate in Henley. Meanwhile I got an email this morning from Lord Rennard about why I should go and help the Lib Dem campaign there: When Paddy publishes his memoirs, he will pay great tribute to a particular group… Continue reading Henley and Paddy’s memoirs

Tamsin Dunwoody: Iron Lady or Freak?

Labour’s campaign in Crewe and Nantwich appears to go from low to new low (James Schneider). It is the most unjustifiably bad behaviour I have seen since Birmingham Hodge Hill in 2004 (and there’s been some steep competition, believe me). I’m fascinated that they are using “con man” on their literature. I’ve always understood this… Continue reading Tamsin Dunwoody: Iron Lady or Freak?

Wannabe hereditary MP calls opponent a toff

I am indebted to Jo Anglezarke for directing me to this page from The Hon. Tamsin Dunwoody’s website. The fact that Dunwoody is standing in her mother’s former seat and kickstarted the by-election before her mother was in the ground says everything you need to know about Labour’s sense of entitlement and distaste for fair… Continue reading Wannabe hereditary MP calls opponent a toff