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Tamsin Dunwoody: Iron Lady or Freak?

Do you want a Tory con man or a Dunwoody? Tamsin Dunwoody - one of us.Labour’s campaign in Crewe and Nantwich appears to go from low to new low (James Schneider). It is the most unjustifiably bad behaviour I have seen since Birmingham Hodge Hill in 2004 (and there’s been some steep competition, believe me).

I’m fascinated that they are using “con man” on their literature. I’ve always understood this to be a definite no-no on election literature (even when using against a CONservative) as it creeps beyond the garden of mockery and legitimate criticism and into the realm of defamation. But then, I suppose there isn’t much point in suing a political party that is bankrupt.

The use of the “one of us” slogan is interesting. Is Dunwoody comparing herself to Margaret Thatcher here? Or is it intended to evoke memories of this iconic scene from Tod Browning’s Freaks:

Wannabe hereditary MP calls opponent a toff

Tory Boy TimpsonI am indebted to Jo Anglezarke for directing me to this page from The Hon. Tamsin Dunwoody’s website.

The fact that Dunwoody is standing in her mother’s former seat and kickstarted the by-election before her mother was in the ground says everything you need to know about Labour’s sense of entitlement and distaste for fair competition. To run a rotten borough-style campaign while finger wagging at the Tory opponent for being too posh does at least suggest she has inherited some of her mother’s chutzpah. But I seem to recall Gwyneth having rather better judgement and being rather less shameless.

UPDATE: I’ve just noticed they are splurging on the Google ads to attack “Tory Boy Timpson”. This appears to be Labour’s only line of attack. Is this all the party has left to say? Are they going to lose badly, or are they going to lose badly?