Swinsongate Goes National…

Front page of Young Labour websiteThree weeks on from the original Swinsongate and Young Labour are still claiming the veracity of the story on the front page of their national website.

Of course, this puts Omar Salem in the uncomfortable position of having one version of the press release on the national website and another, contradictory, version on the London website.

Jo Swinson news story on Young Labour websiteJust to recap: Jo Swinson a) has never been the party’s youth affairs spokesperson and b) has never been LDYS’s Chair. To top it all, she’s been promoted, not sacked, and so has Jenny Willott (who is now the martyr in the London Young Labour version).

None of this exactly suggests that Young Labour is a vibrant, go-getting organisation these days, does it?


  1. Quite right. I can’t understand why Young Labour feel this is worthy of so much attention.

    I am surprised that Labour see being number two in Foreign Affairs (something the Lib Dems have always had a high profile in) as a demotion, giving she wasn’t in the Shadow Cabinet before this either. Maybe they should look at Jo’s own website: http://www.joswinson.org.uk/pages/joswinson.html

    Jo was of course Vice-Chair of LDYS and not Chair, but then all the best people were! 🙂

  2. Well actually she WAS in the Shadow Cabinet (Shadow Scottish Secretary) until Ming demoted her last summer. I don’t think Labour see it as a demotion. I think they just haven’t been paying any attention.

    Amused to note the news item has now been taken down. Even more amused to note that they currently only have one news item on their website at all.

  3. Well quite, she was in the Shadow Cabinet, but it is Ming’s fault that she left it – a decision that I always thought was odd. Nick should get credit (this is me speaking personally not on his behalf) for giving her a decent job again.

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