The UK Column is back!

Cover to UK Column, December 2007The latest copy of the UK Column arrives. Yay! I first came across this august publication at the Conservative Party Conference and I’m delighted to say this one is even nuttier than the last.

No time to write about it in detail now; read it all yourself by going to their website. Suffice to say my favourite article is their long exposition “proving” that the British are the true Israelites. This is argued on the basis that the Celts have legends about the Tuatha Dé Danann and that one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel was lead by Dan. The fact that “Danann” refers to the Earth Goddess (Diana?) seems to have passed them by completely. Apparently the Saxons were Israelites too. And the Normans… just go and read it already.

They’re asking for volunteers to help with distribution. I’m tempted to offer purely on the basis that this is the best way of making Eurosceptics look silly I can think of. Maybe it’s part of a sinister conspiracy.

UPDATE: Oh, forgot my other favourite bit. Apparently all the fringe meetings at Tory conference were chaired by women using “Delphi techniques to control meetings.” This is apparently a rather pretentious and sinister sounding way of saying they tended to take questions in groups of three. This, it would appear, was all co-ordinated. I must ask the gf about it (as she chaired one of the meetings which is specifically mentioned).


  1. Common Purpose is not your average management-training organisation. Julia Middleton says one should go beyond authority.

    To deny that brainwashing is employed is rather foolish in itself and then to deny that CP is actually a political organisation of the hard left and affiliated with Communist organisations like the think tanks DEMOS and the IPPR is rather foolhardy. I think you will find that as people learn more about how they are being swindled this ‘laugh it off’ attitude will backfire on you people.

    What you are basically trying to say is that one should ignore this erosion of our democracy by the EU as it is stupid to think that the EU could be anything other than a totally genuine and ‘for the good of the people’ kind of organisation. You have basically fallen for Communist propaganda, as this is exactly what they did with all their huge murals of their various leaders plastered everywhere. It’s pure brainwashing and if you can’t recognise what is going on you have no place in representing the British people.

  2. Highland Free Press

    Hae Chum you F in turnip heed – whos pain you?

    kway kwan, you gonna b pra win ………..
    ya nacy boy

    Love & Peace david allison
    Telephone: 07828 949584
    Ross-shire Highlands >< SCOTLAND
    “Two passions are not likely to die out of the world, the love of country and the love of freedom. They can be kept pure by one thing, which can tame yet not weaken them, tender love of all mankind.”
    George Trevelyan in 1943

  3. Hello to all at QuaeQuam,

    Love the ridicule but you’re on the wrong side of the road people.

    If you have a better reason for the exploitation and undercutting of the UK’s working class by migrant workers, if you’ve ever wondered why our children arrive at secondary school not being able to read or count, if you wonder why children are killing each other in the streets and the police are unable to stop them doing so, if you wonder why children are being taken from their parents in such high numbers under a system of secret court hearings, if you wonder why our hospitals are beset with MRSA and Clostridium Difficile and those hospitals are beholden to large US businesses, if you wonder why our industries and businesses are disappearing or being taken over by foreign companies – railways, electricity, gas, water, post offices – and all profits going out of the UK, if you see the gradual deterioration of our armed forces and the terrible treatment of the injured personnel resulting from its ill equipping – these are but a few problems besetting Britain; if you see all of this then why are you not questioning what is going on?

    For the majority of the people in the UK living in the real world these real issues are not being addressed. If a brave person wishes to put his head above the parapet in order to challenge the apparent deterioration in Britain today it seems all to easy to sneer at that person. What he does is hard; sneering at him is cheap and easy.

    We are now governed by Quangos. These have insinuated themselves in between the people and their elected Councils and Government; the democratic process has broken down. Why don’t you dedicate your undoubted wit and insight into suggesting a better way of dealing with this? Try examining the substance behind the arguments you are deriding.

    But, keep it up, there is room for all thought, even if we disagree.

  4. well said to baron von lotsov & W G

    i’m glad there are other people who can see the bigger picture
    it’s just history repeating itself

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