Celebs vs Cerebral

Candidate A has an article in the Telegraph today bigging up his social justice credentials. Candidate B has an article in the Observer today bigging up his celebrity friends and that he’ll be meeting Halle Berry this week.

Candidate A is definitely giving the activists, including me, what they want. But Candidate B seems to be doing a much better job at communicating with broader public.

It seems to me that if Candidate B is to avoid being dismissed as a bit of fluff, he has got to start offering the membership a bit of meat. But if Candidate A is to look credible, he has got to demonstrate he can widen his appeal.


  1. A good analysis, but I couldn’t possibly comment! Maye that is the answer, I will start talking about candidates as As and Bs……….

  2. Candidate A is also accusing Candidate B of “parroting” David Cameron by promising choice and competition in public services. And there was me who thought that the candidates had agreement that they will not go negative. I wonder how this kind of destructive campaigning will go down with the membership. Whoever wins, it doesn’t do party much good, if his public image has been damaged by the rival candidate during the leadership campaign.

  3. William: I’m sorry but that is simply not true. Read the article, not the Telegraph spin. To quote:

    Now Gordon Brown is grabbing Cameron’s policies. So which twin is the Tory? Even the keenest free-marketeers in our party must see there is no gap in the market for us to parrot the Tory Twins’ soundbites on competition and choice in public services.

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