Daily Archives: 11 August 2007

iPlayer redux

Talking of unintelligent design, I finally got round to trying to make iPlayer work today. Waste of time.

First of all, I tried opening it in Firefox, only to have it inform me that it only works on IE. Then I opened it on IE, only to be told it only works with Media Player, which I have, but it didn’t recognise. Much faffing about with crappy, slow, buggly Microsoftware later, and I finally got the site at least talking to me, and the crucial actual iPlayer sofware downloaded (which appears to be little more than a DRM interface to stop Media Player playing things it shouldn’t be – and this took years of development?!).

So, anyway, I finally got to look around, picked a couple of programmes to watch (coverage of Gordon Brown’s statement on constitutional reform wouldn’t even download – clearly the programme couldn’t cope with the demand), downloaded them, pressed play…

… only to be told I didn’t have a license to watch them (which I do, by the way). Big floppy donkey dicks.