Daily Archives: 10 August 2007

Cameron embraces Marxism

A Day at the RacesA bunch of clowns, who may or may not be the result of inbreeding, running around seemingly aimlessly. Chaos reigns. Some good one-liners, but a complete and utter farce.

This, in outline is the plot of A Day At the Races by the Marx Brothers. It would thus seem strange that the West Midlands Conservatives are currently attempting to evoke such images in people’s minds with their latest fundraising wheeze.

(Hat tip: Nich Starling).

I’m Henry the Eighth, I am, I am…

tudor roseAmidst the comments from this amusing post on Lib Dem Voice about the Conservative Party logo is the following comment from Tristan Mills:

Now, the true story on party logos is Labour’s offensive use of the red rose – symbol of Lancashire and sometimes of England. As an Englishman with lancastrian heritage I object strongly to this usage.

Actually, it would appear that the current Labour logo is a white rose on a red background. This would be a fairly appropriate image for a party which has a fondness for the arbitrary executive powers developed by the Tudors.