Better racism through technology

Those nutty Finns. When they aren’t going around scarring people’s childhoods with disturbing cartoons about Moomins (okay, okay, and inventing Linux), they are coming up with zany new wheezes like this one:

Intopii has opened Naama Candidate Finder to provide voters an easy, entertaining, and fast way to choose suitable candidate for Finland’s parliamentary elections to be held in March 2007. Users of Naama Candidate Finder only need to provide the machine with their picture. As a result machine shows the most look-alike candidates. Compared to many traditional candidate finding services Naama has at least one huge advantage: instead of forcing the potential voter through an exhausting set of questions it gives an instant result without hassle – let alone the fact that using it is tons of fun. Naama is built using Intopii’s high performance industrial grade PRP pattern recognition software that is suitable for intelligent analysis of any digital data.

I’ll cut through the technobabble and make it simple for you: people with Caucasian features will be advised to vote for Causasian candidates while people with African features will be advised to vote for African candidates. Through science, you understand. And in the name of ‘fun’. Who needs to know about their boring principles? Are you meeting your happiness quotient yet, citizen?

This of course is from the makers of those happy souls who want CCTV to be able to keep a note of where everyone is going, without the boring task of someone having to go through all the footage manually. What a bright future is to be had!

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