A tall story

I’m 6’4″ and I’ve been using buses on an almost daily basis for my entire adult life. At no point have I ever been asked to get off the bus because of my height blocking the drivers’ view.

So this story doesn’t convince. What’s worse is that this is the Telegraph nicking yesterday’s Metro stories. Whatever happened to broadsheet journalism?


  1. It was in the Daily Mail several days ago.

    I believe the story, though not because it’s happened to me (I’m 6’1″) but because I’ve witnessed enough unreasonable behaviour from London bus drivers to know what shits they can be. The best was when a driver refused to let me off the bus, even though we were still parked at the bus stop (insane traffic jam on Sloane Street – we’d sat in the same spot for so long that I realised, after he’d closed the doors from the first exodus, that I was only going to make it to my appointment if I got off the bus and took the Tube). I argued with him for several minutes, and other passengers joined in (including a rather sweet OAP), and he finally opened the doors (yes, we were still smack in front of the bus stop). I just wish I’d taken his photo so I could report him to TfL.

  2. Okay, perhaps I should clarify. I can imagine this may have happened, but I don’t think it is the sort of story the Daily Telegraph should be wasting space with. And I also suspect it may have been embellished by the model’s publicist and agent.

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