Blogging Lite

Barely blogging at all at the moment – drowning in work, which also explains why I failed to publicise this evening’s Liberal Drinks. Anyway, just to say I should be turning the corner soon and to regret that I simply don’t have time to rip the piss out of this. Ah, happy memories! In the… Continue reading Blogging Lite

Feel the quality

Northcliffe Press’ lack of shame knows no bounds. Having launched London Lite last week – a paper notable for making the Metro look heavyweight – they have just rebranded the Evening Standard as “London’s Quality Newspaper”. This is bogus because a) it barely qualifies and b) it is only quality because its sister papers are… Continue reading Feel the quality

Immoral Earnings

Apparently MTV has been going around issuing writs to anyone who uses the term “Pimp My…”, including one of my favourite websites Pimp MyThat Snack. Further comment would be superfluous.