How far is too far?

I haven’t blogged about the situation in Lebanon, but that isn’t to say it hasn’t been constantly on my mind. The problem is, how do you articulate a position without instantly being jumped on by either side? As with Iraq, for so many people there is no space for nuance. But I will say this:… Continue reading How far is too far?

Conspiratorial Pots and Kettles

Another incoherent article in the Observer by Nick Cohen again this week. The man truly is hopelessly confused. This week he manages to conflate people who see Zionist conspiracies in everything with people who believe in the conspiracy theory (for that is what it is) that al-Qaeda is a SMERSH-style international organisation with Osama Bin… Continue reading Conspiratorial Pots and Kettles


British Muslim leaders are meeting with Ruth Kelly to talk about combating ‘extremism’ in sections of their community. This is the Ruth Kelly who attends Opu Dei meetings, although refuses to confirm or deny that she is a member of this highly conservative Catholic group. The same Opus Dei that provided spiritual comfort to Spanish… Continue reading Extremists