Daily Archives: 13 October 2008

The campaign for scrapping 28 days detention without charge starts today

About bloody time:

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said that plans to extend terror detention to 42 days will be dropped from the Counter-Terrorism Bill.

This is of course great news. But the truth is Parliament should never had capitulated over 28 days in the first place. And it shouldn’t have moved up to 14 days. Frankly, if 48 hours was good enough to combat the IRA in the 80s, it is good enough now.

There are plenty of other safeguards. A reduction in detention without charge could be a one line private members’ bill and one which, if MPs are lobbied, we can win. I can only hope the civil liberties movement can work together to deliver it.

Will Dunn win the by-election after all?

What is one to make of Politics and the City, founded by Gavin Whenman’s secret girlfriend June Sarpong? I’m tempted to dismiss it as vacuous fluff, but it isn’t aimed at me and it has kept going. Is this a quietly succesful tool for engaging women in politics? Will academics be praising it in the year 2050?

Glancing at it today, I notice they have launched a new “comedy” series about a ditzy female reporter called Sally Dunn (not relation to Jody we can presume) who “accidentally” becomes an MP after the incumbant has a heart attack and dies when she “accidentally” gives him a handjob. With hilarious consequences, no doubt.

Is this what passes for comedy these days? I can’t help but feel I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Is it really empowering to suggest that women who get into politics are vacuous airheads obsessed with shoes and fat arses?

Watch it and weep or, if you live in Bizarro Sarpong World, laugh like a drain and be inspired.