Daily Archives: 3 October 2008

I’m a bad person

… I’ve clearly offended Stephen Glenn which I’m truly sorry for as it was meant in a light-hearted way and I wasn’t singling him out by any means. I set up my little Facebook group (which I haven’t invited anyone to join as it was just a mini-rant really) to highlight that some blogger’s content is being obscured by obtrusive headers which get in the way of the content.

If that is what people want, then fine, but I do find it tiresome to click on a link to a potentially interesting article to be greeted by a massive header which doesn’t have anything to do with why I’m visiting the website.

I don’t accept the argument that other bloggers “do not have the size adjustment facilities” since Paintshop is available on every copy of Windows and there are plenty of free resources available such as Gimp (hat tip: Himmelgarten Cafe). Nor do I accept the argument that because you can’t adjust the size of your images your readers should just lump it. But, as a peace offering, here is Stephen’s header adjusted so that it is 200 pixels high (click for full image):