Those keraazy creationist folk!

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John Dixon links to a fantastic web page listing 100 quotes from fundamentalist Christians. I haven’t gone through them all, but my favourite has to be this one:

One of the most basic laws in the universe is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This states that as time goes by, entropy in an environment will increase. Evolution argues differently against a law that is accepted EVERYWHERE BY EVERYONE. Evolution says that we started out simple, and over time became more complex. That just isn’t possible: UNLESS there is a giant outside source of energy supplying the Earth with huge amounts of energy. If there were such a source, scientists would certainly know about it.

(of course, Revolutionary Communists seem to misunderstand this as well).

On a similar note, here’s a video proving the fallibility of evolution using a simple jar of peanut butter:

Hat tip: Harry’s Place.

And finally, I thought I’d include my favourite Mick Huckabee quote. I’m sure you’ve already read it, but I haven’t commented on it yet so it goes here:

“Interestingly enough,” Huckabee allowed, “if there was ever an occasion for someone to have argued against the death penalty, I think Jesus could have done so on the cross and said, ‘This is an unjust punishment and I deserve clemency’.”

Which of course, if you think about it, is not merely “proof” that the death penalty has divine blessing but that the murder of otherwise blameless people is approved of as well.

All very easy targets. But such fun!

2 thoughts on “Those keraazy creationist folk!

  1. That reminds me of a great line by David Attenborough in this month’s New Humanist:

    I tell [creationists] they ought occasionally to think less of beautiful things like hummingbirds and orchids and sunflowers and think of other, less attractive things. They might, for example, think of the parasitic worms that live only in the eyeballs of human beings. Think of that worm boring its way through the eye of a boy sitting on the bank of a river in West Africa. A worm that’s going to make him blind. Are you telling me that God or an intelligent designer created this worm that can live in no other way than in an innocent child’s eyeball?”

    Blind Watchmaker indeed!

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