BNP plan to run away

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Hilarious story in the Observer:

A few miles from the historic southern Croatian town of Knin lie 1,100 hectares of farmland and a couple of abandoned buildings. A tributary from the river Krka runs through the lush countryside nestled close to the sun-drenched Adriatic coast.

It is a tranquil place, one that would make an ideal spot for a campsite or a clutch of holiday homes. But instead the land is destined for a rather more bizarre sort of retreat. It is here that a small cabal, comprising senior members of the British National Party, plans to hole up once, as they expect, the world’s supply of oil runs out, triggering anarchy.

Croatia is welcome to them. Bye Nick!

3 thoughts on “BNP plan to run away

  1. The Balkans; full of people with AK-47s and old, fuel-guzzling Soviet cars, who HATE each other. Obviously the place to be in an oil crisis!

    Everyone thought the BNP were stupid, but it’s good to have some empirical validation.

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