Daily Archives: 22 March 2007

Brian Souter’s party abstained on sexual orientation discrimination regs

Interesting to see that, of the 6 SNP MPs, 1 voted for the sexual orientation discrimination regulations, 1 voted against, and 4 sat on their hands.

This, just days after receiving half a million pounds from Scotland’s homophobe-in-chief, Brian Souter.

Did they abstain to avoid provoking their new cash cow? What implications does this have for the Scottish Parliament? The Scottish public have a right to know.

Interesting to note that the MP who voted against them was Angus MacNeil. Angus has been lionised in the media over the last few months because of his involvement in the cash-for-peerages allegations. To read the Guardian over the last year, you would think he was a candidate for sainthood. Perhaps those journalists might want to revise their opinions of the man.

Ming gets wit’ da yoot!

I noticed this link on the BBC News page, which all looks terribly fun but I’d have liked to have seen the final interview (one surmises it was on Newsround, which on the odd occasion that I’ve watched it recently impressed me quite a bit).

If you follow the link, you’ll also find another school preparing for their interview with Cameron. Is it me or do they all look and sound a bit, well, posh? Ming’s bunch appeared to be much more fun.