Earliest Political Memory Meme

Iain Dale has started a meme which has the virtue of being a lot less annoying than most of the others that periodically do the rounds on the blogosphere.

My earliest political memory (born: 1974) was Thatcher going to 10 Downing Street after the 1979 General Election. However, my brain has cross-referenced it with the Silver Jubilee meaning that I will forever have a memory of Thatch coming down Whitehall in a horse-drawn carriage, waving regally.

I find this very disturbing.


  1. Mine is about a day earlier – I got to stay up to hear the election results and hear my parents bemoaning Callaghan losing.

    …and yes, I was six at the time. My Dad was at the count – for Labour in those days.

  2. Well, we were born in the same year, but I can’t remember anything of significance before the Falklands. I can remember the silver jubilee purely because Grandad was introduced to her Maj, but I wasn’t really sure who she was.

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