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The Independent has seen fit to publish this bit of free advertising and I am happy to be in on the conspiracy, if only to indulge in a round of Spot the Twat:

“The catholic tastes of Labour voters, ranging from traditional favourites like the News of the World to relatively new categories like Nivea for Men indicate that the party still has the broadest appeal across the population despite its reduced majority at the last election.”

You have to read carefully to realise that the only brands mentioned appear to have a contract with Young & Rubicam.

As for the lists themselves, I’m intrigued that the Lib Dems’ Top Five includes two yoghurt brands, one of which, the Munch Bunch, could pretty much sum up the average Focus Team. The Energizer batteries are appropriate, although I’d worry about the environmental impact.

The Tories meanwhile seem to have both Switch and Maestro down. Hello? Haven’t you seen the penguin adverts?


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