Symbols and reality

Some more logical gymnastics from Evan Harris: Evan Harris, the party’s science spokesman, admitted that the proposed package would be more progressive but said he was worried that ditching the 50p rate was a “symbolic” move that would send the wrong signal to voters. In other words, we shouldn’t bother striving to do what we… Continue reading Symbols and reality

Would flat taxes help the poor?

That an article has appeared in the Daily Mail today claiming that flat taxes would help the poor should come as no surprise. That it is based on a piece of original research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation however ought to raise at least the odd eyebrow. In fact, man-bites-dog spin from the JRF notwithstanding,… Continue reading Would flat taxes help the poor?

Social justice – Lib Dem style?

I really ought to go to bed, but I thought I’d leave you with this little snippet. According to the Lib Dem Treasury team notes about the tax commission’s new proposals, a retired couple on a £15,000 income living in a Band G house will be £1,578 better off under their proposals (assuming average environmental… Continue reading Social justice – Lib Dem style?