Should we be panicking about Russian spunk?

Madeleine Bunting is very worried. Gallons of semen from Eastern Europe could be heading this way. And yes, she does employ the image of the HFEA playing the role of King Canute, attempting to turn back the waves. Thanks for that mental picture Maddy. I do apologise for not taking this all that seriously, but… Continue reading Should we be panicking about Russian spunk?

Chubby Rain

Talking of films and alien invasions, I was intrigued to see this cover article in today’s New Scientist. It reminds me of the film-within-a-film of Bowfinger in which Eddie Murphy’s Kit Ramsey’s character is terrorised by aliens after the fall of the sinister sounding “chubby rain”. Intriguingly, some of the scientists expressing scepticism in this… Continue reading Chubby Rain