Carrot Conspiratorial

Over at Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science Blog, he has a Daily Politics piece by Jasper Carrot about the eeeevils of mobile phone masts. It’s all very nudge, nudge, wink, wink, conspiracy theory laden stuff with virtually no rebuttal (apart from a good dressing down by studio guest Gwyneth Dunwoody). About the only thing he gets… Continue reading Carrot Conspiratorial

The Great Wi-Fi Swindle (redux)

Last week I blogged about Panorama’s then upcoming programme about the supposed dangers of wi-fi. Nich Starling castigated me for criticising the programme before having watched it, which was fair enough. So, having watched to programme this lunchtime, what do I think? What I think is that TV programmes that investigate potential health risks ought… Continue reading The Great Wi-Fi Swindle (redux)

The Great Wi-Fi Swindle

Last week, BBC’s Panorama did an expose on the Scientologists, a cult that believes we are all imprisoned space aliens. This week, the same programme is purporting to prove that wi-fi fries your brain. And so, the cosmic balance of the BBC’s sensible/face-slappingly idiotic halves is once again restored. I don’t really know where to… Continue reading The Great Wi-Fi Swindle