The Big Mo (not M.O.)

According to the best prices on right now… Shock! Simon Hughes (5/4) leapfrogs Ming (11/8)! Bosh! Chris Huhne (7/1) leapfrogs Mark Oaten (9/1)! Parp! John Hemming (80/1) lags behind 5 people who have already said they aren’t standing. UPDATE: The above linked book appears to have closed. But this is the link to the… Continue reading The Big Mo (not M.O.)

Lib Dem Leadership Face Off

Matt T points me to this new face recognition software and tries a few bloggers with its celebrity database. Of course, I HAD to have a go with Lib Dem leadership contenders. So, here are the results: Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP AC DC (this photo): Henry Fonda (69%), Peter Ustinov (61%), Gianni Agnelli (61%).… Continue reading Lib Dem Leadership Face Off