The state of the Lib Dem blogosphere

Stephen Tall has issued these questions for Lib Dem bloggers to answer over the weekend and so I thought I’d try to bash out my responses before dinner (UPDATE: not quite): What are the greatest successes of the Lib Dem blogosphere? Lib Dem Blogs remains a very powerful spine, although I personally find it is… Continue reading The state of the Lib Dem blogosphere

Crazy 8 meme

Good grief – it’s all memes this time of year! Well, I’ve been tagged by Alix Mortimer for the Crazy 8 meme, and so I’ll have a go: 8 things I am passionate about: Land value taxation Intergenerational equity Secularism Electoral reform (STV to be precise – god I’m a cliché) Human rights 2000AD Science… Continue reading Crazy 8 meme