Gethsemane: feel the fear (SPOILERS)

I went to see Gethsemane by David Hare at the National Theatre last night. Political drama is always hard to get right, and even harder to keep politicos content. Even so, I was particularly disappointed. The basic plot (spoilers) revolves around the teenage daughter of the Home Secretary being gang raped by a group of… Continue reading Gethsemane: feel the fear (SPOILERS)

Is racism Levy’s middle name?

Curious dead horse flogging from Lynne Featherstone yesterday, which I’m rebutting here in a vain attempt to stop yet another conspiracy theory gaining ground: But there is one point that has struck me as valid – why do we keep on being told Lord Levy’s middle name? It’s Abraham – and so telling us his… Continue reading Is racism Levy’s middle name?

Graham’s Law

Inspired by Godwin’s Law, I’ve decided to declare a new principle: As a political row involving any Jewish actors, no matter how tangentially, grows longer, the probability that someone will claim anti-semitism approaches one. Apparently, for example, the cash-for-honours investigation is now officially anti-semitism. This would be rather more believable were it not for the… Continue reading Graham’s Law