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Westminster Liberal Drinks is back!

Just a brief word to point out, if you don’t already know, that I’ll be holding fort at The Silver Cross this coming Wednesday (7.30pm on 21 October to be precise) for Westminster Liberal Drinks.

I haven’t held one of this since January and already it is looking like there might be a good crowd. So if you live in the London area, why not come along.

Full details on Facebook and Flocktogether. Please register so I have a vague idea of who to be looking out for. See you there!

Nine wishes for 2009 #8: for me to get a chance to pursue some personal projects

Its 1am on 15 January 2009 and I still haven’t finished my “nine wishes” for the year. How crap am I?

That very crapness is what I want to address, at least in passing, in number eight. By the end of 2008, I was frankly a bit of a misery guts. There are lots of reasons for that – the relentless media refrain of “we’re all dooooomed!!!” doubtless hasn’t helped much – but one of the reasons was that 2008 was just so busy for me.

Workwise, we have been on an upward spiral – but it has been tough. Barely finding a window to take my annual leave, I ended up taking the bulk of it at the end of the year. I barely found the chance to think for myself and it took a toll both on my cheeriness and on this blog.

I want 2009 to be different. Starting with my request for ideas for things I could do to cheer me up, I’ve ended up taking on a number of commitments – arguably too many.

Most of them I can’t talk about right now (but you’ll find out soon enough). Suffice to say that among these are plans to overhaul Liberal Drinks and develop some ideas which might increase take up, and to revive my plans for Reflecting Britain.

Unlike most of my other wishes, this one is entirely in my hands. Watch this space.

Leyton By-election: 14 February

The Leyton by-election has been called for 14 February. It has been suggested to me that many of us who have been blogging about the Miranda Grell affair should be putting our boots where our mouths/keyboards are and help Winnie Smith get elected. I entirely agree.

Details can be found over at the Flock Together website. So far, just two of us are registered on the site for more information about the by-election. My challenge is to get that number up to five as quickly as possible. Anyone with me?

If it is successful, we might want to consider trying to organise a few special Liberal Drinks in order to make it a bit of a social event. Any other ideas about getting people there?

UPDATE: Four registered, one to go!

Westminster Liberal Drinks back on

Liberal Drinks logoWhat a difference a weekend makes. This time last week I was contemplating canceling the October Westminster Liberal Drinks – didn’t seem much point if the election was happening. It would have been a shame given that we hadn’t had one in September due to a clash with conference, July due to the clash with the Ealing Southall by-election and August due to, um, me not bothering to organise it (only to get half a dozen calls of people wondering what was happening – sorry).

Now it is well and truly back on – 17 October – RSVP via Facebook.

What’s more, it looks like we’re going to have more across the UK than we have ever had this month. Looks like the idea is finally beginning to take off. Again, you can express your interest by joining our Facebook Group.

…time for me to give the Drinks website an overhaul, methinks.