Is Charles Kennedy organising a Liberal Democrat putsch?

Independent political commentator John Rentoul does a neat line in pricking the balloon of journalistic and political hyperbole with his “questions to which the answer is no” series, so it is curious that he has managed to come up with an absurd, over the top conspiracy theory almost entirely devoid of fact today. Writing about… Continue reading Is Charles Kennedy organising a Liberal Democrat putsch?

Liberal Democrats: Winslet (not) here!

According to the Independent: The Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, faced embarrassment yesterday after it emerged that his party used a photo of the Oscar-winning actress for an advert in its conference brochure – without obtaining her permission. … A picture of her on the red carpet at the 2007 Golden Globes was doctored to… Continue reading Liberal Democrats: Winslet (not) here!

When Jo Swinson met Joe Stalin

They teach airbrushing technique young in the Labour Party it seems. You may recall, dear reader, that I took Chair of London Young Labour Omar Salem to task before Christmas for manufacturing a story about the Lib Dem reshuffle by selectively quoting this website and getting a whole heap of facts wrong, a story which… Continue reading When Jo Swinson met Joe Stalin